Where will the ball fall? Find out when you play roulette online!

There’s no need to dig out your glad rags to play online roulette at Cheeky Bingo. Whether you’re relaxing at home on the sofa, soaking up the sun in the back garden or your local park or catching the bus into town to enjoy a spot of shopping, you can enjoy a variety of forms of this popular table game. Online roulette is played using a wheel which is either spun by the software automatically or by a live dealer. The wheel features alternating red and black pockets, each of which is numbered. You can win cash prizes by betting on which pocket the ball (which is spun within the wheel) falls into when the round ends. At Cheeky Bingo, you can choose between two of the most famous game variants, European and American. The key difference between the two is that the European wheel features a slot for the number “0” while the American wheel has an additional slot which is marked “00”. Due to the extra slot, the American version has a slightly higher house edge. Our lobby also boasts several other options that both new and seasoned players can enjoy. Here at Cheeky Bingo our choices for non-live games include Super Stakes which caters for bets of £5 to £5,000 and American which can be played with £2 to £2,000. If you’re looking for a more authentic casino experience, try playing live roulette online. There are tables for both European and American versions, plus Auto Roulette which uses a fully automated wheel such as the ones that you find on the terminals in land-based casinos. For high-speed action, the Rocket variant is a big crowd-pleaser thanks to its quicker spin frequency. Which version will you choose?